Meet Our Models


Our structures start with a Corten steel shipping container called a High Cube. Shipping containers bring goods from around the world, most often China, to America. Once they arrive, they rarely return. They represent a high embedded energy cost, so repurposing them is very environmentally friendly. Because they are water tight, sturdy, and quasi-portable, they are excellent building blocks. Artistry and design turn them into unique living elements.

We will offer 2 models plus other options, and prices will vary based on on-the-grid or off-the-grid options.

The NakedTainer

This structure is designed for the “Do-it-Yourself-er”.  It represents the basic chassis upon which we build our other products.  It is stripped down to the essential core from which many ideas and choices diverge. The NakedTainer can be in 20′, 24′, or 40′ sizes with:

  • ¼ inch steel window bucks
  • Three fiberglass double pane energy-efficient windows
  • Sculptured steel Rhino horn
  • Metal front door
  • Double cargo doors
  • Lead-free certification

Price for a 24-foot model is $17,000.

The Decanter 

The Decanter is the perfect creative space for ideas, art, and words to rest and ferment. Including all of the insulation, walls, roof detail and trim carpentry, it is otherwise empty on the inside. Ready for any kind of studio use: writing a novel, painting, music, gardening shelter.  It can also be a perfect start for a living space you can create. You decide—it is a vessel for your dreams.

The Decanter contains all features above in the Nakedtainer plus…

  • Insulated R-30 hardwood hickory floor
  • Insulated R-22 finished walls
  • Roof and R-49 ceiling insulation
  • Wooden roofing timbers and trellis

Price for a 24-foot unit is $40,198.

Other Options:

Kitchen (on-grid) with Sink, plumbing, refrigerator, and cooktop/oven: $7400

Bathroom (on-grid) with full-size shower, toilet, sink, and plumbing: $10,500

Electrical wiring: $2700

Hand-made wooden platform bed with mattress: $1050

Optional Appliances for Off-Grid living:

Solar Generator with solar panels: $2425

DC-Refrigerator: $1680

De-natured Alcohol-burning Cooktop: $420

De-natured Alcohol Space Heater: $335

Family Living

We also have developed multi-unit plans for full-time family living.  Watch this space for more information, and contact us if you are interested!

The Zulu Queen

The Zulu Queen is 160 square feet of living space designed to provide creature-comforts while bringing you closer to nature. Featuring off-the-grid sustainability, this micro-unit can land in a field or on the side of a mountain and will provide a weekend retreat or a full time shelter. “Zulu Queen” is a 20-foot container named after a kick-ass ski run at Telluride, Colorado, and she is proud to be pictured on this site. She has all of the features of the Decanter described above PLUS the following:

  • Full kitchen with sink, cooktop, and high-end DC powered refrigerator
  • Designer IKEA cabinets and storage
  • 1250 watt solar generator, which drives the refrigerator, charges your technology and runs other appliances
  • Water storage and grey water disposal system
  • Sculptural, artistic steel door with Rhino look and feel
  • Sculptural bunk bed with graphic backdoor and starlight sleeping
  • Artistic exterior paint

“Zulu Queen” is priced specially at $52,400.

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